Shapextreme Butt Lifter Trainer Thigh Control Full body Shaperwear Slimmer Bodysuit 005

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SHAPEXtreme High Waisted Butt Lifter Tummy Tucker Thigh Slimmer Shapewear  005

High Waisted Butt Lifter Tummy Tucker Thigh Slimmer 3 In 1 Bodysuit Shapewear
Hip Curve Suit Control Size Available    S / M   -   L / XL  -    XXL / XXXL
Fit Under Any Outfit

We don't really do tough love over here, so we're probably not gonna give you the kick in the ass you need to get to the gym.

 But what we will do is give you these butt-lifting bootie shorts so your ass has, you know, a little kick to it. 
Stretchy, tightening, semi-sheer boy shorts feature an elasticized waistband and two large, circular cut-outs in the back for a butt-lifting look.
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They also have 3 in 1 Shaping control
1. Lift's the Butt
2. Tucks in Tummy area
3. Shapes thigh are

About Body Shaper By Shapextreme

Body Shaping Is One Of The Hottest Trends Today. Beloved And Other Major Celebrities, Body Shaping Is Actually One Of The Oldest Beauty Practices In The World. Here’s Our Ultimate Guide To Contouring Your Body Using Waist Trainers , Corsets, Shapewear, Slimmers, And Compression Apparel.

 What Is Body Shaping?

Body Shaping Is A General Term For The Practice Of Shaping Your Body Using Different Apparel Devices – Like Shapextreme , Corsets, Or Waist Trainers .

Body Shaping Has Been A Popular Practice Throughout History. We’ve All Heard About Victorian-age Women Using Tight Corsets To Get Their Desirable Hourglass Shape.

In The Last Decade, However, Body Shaping Has Seen A Resurgence In Popularity. It Started With Shapers In The Early 2000s. In The Last Few Years, We’ve Seen Celebrities Advertising Their Waist Trainers On Instagram.Facebook And All Major social Media.

The Science On Body Shaping Remains A Little Suspect: Most Research Indicates That Waist Trainers Work Temporarily Without Actually Reshaping Your Body Over Time. Most People Understand That They’re Only Getting Short-term Results. Some People, However, Continue To Insist That They Use Waist Trainers To Change The Shape Of Their Body Long-term.

Of Course, When You Use A Waist Trainer, You’re Naturally Inclined To Eat Less Food (Your Stomach Has Less Physical Room For Food). Reducing Your Daily Calorie Intake Can Lead To Long-term Weight Loss Results.

In Any Case, We’ll Help You Learn About The Different Types Of Waist Trainers And Body Shaping Devices On The Market Today.

 There Are 8 Female Body Types

In General, There Are 8 Female Body Types That Most Women Fall Into. Knowing Your Body Shape Helps You Pick The Right Body Shaping Device.

Traditionally, Most Women Were Told That They’re Either An Apple Or Pear Body Type. Today, People Tend To Have Increased That To 8 Body Types, Including All Of The Following:

-straight Body Type: Bust And Hips Are Similar Sizes, With The Waist Slightly Smaller Than The Bust And Hips.

-pear Body Type: The Hips Are Larger Than The Bust, With The Waist Gradually Sloping Out To The Hips.

-spoon Body Type: Hips Are Larger Than The Bust And Hips Have A “Shelf” Appearance, With The Waist Slightly Smaller Than The Bust.

-hourglass Body Type: Bust And Hips Are Basically The Same Size, With Your Waist Well-defined.

-top Hourglass Body Type: Bust Is Larger Than The Hips And The Waist Is Well-defined.

-inverted Triangle Body Type: Large Bust, Narrow Hips, And A Not Well-defined Waist.

-oval Body Type: Waist Is Larger Than The Bust And Hips, And The Hips Are Narrow Compared To The Shoulders. Medium-sized Breasts.